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Is it ADHD or PTSD?

What doctors are reading about how to differentiate between ADHD and/or PTSD. And medication considerations.

The link above is to an article written to physicians about how to differentiate between an ADHD and PTSD diagnosis in adults. I agree with their concern about ADHD stimulant medication for individuals with current PTSD symptoms. I have seen many patients become hyperaroused and have increased post traumatic symptomology from stimulant use. I have had a few patients say that their stimulant medication actually regulated their nervous system. Physicians are likely to read articles like the one in the above link and prescribe based off such information. In my experience, each patient has a unique biological make up, so it is hard to assert with certainty what will be useful for each individual. I hope physicians truly take their time with patients presenting with both ADHD and PTSD symptoms. And that assessments are utilized alongside subjective clinical observations.