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Sexuality in Adults with ADHD: Results of an Online Survey

Hertz et al. (2022) completed an online survey of 206 people to explore the relationship between adult ADHD and sexual functioning. The study is called Sexuality in Adults with ADHD: Results of an Online Survey.  The found that individuals with ADHD engaged in significantly more hypersexual behaviors than those without ADHD. Their study also debunked the assumption that ADHD individuals engage in more risky sexual behavior. I wonder if this could be due to individuals with ADHD not reporting their behavior accurately due to rejection sensitivity dysphoria. RSD can cause individuals with ADHD to self report in a way that will reduce the risk of rejection. It could also be that adults with ADHD have more executive functioning skills available to them, especially if they are over 25 years old. Adults with ADHD may report more hypersexuality than neurotypical peers, but this behavior was reported as less impulsive and risky in comparison to other studies.